“If I was made to read one book for eternity it would be Lord of the Rings. This would be my second choice.”
– Luke Hemsworth

“**** … The Hot Guy navigates the tricky combination of chick lit and romance with exuberance. The plot is wacky, the jokes dirty, and the friendships and careers are over-the-top enough to be fun without losing the reader’s empathy.”
– Kat Mayo, Books+Publishing

“entertaining and over-the-top … written with relish and self-awareness, the authors’ playfulness with the genre smart, not smart-arsed, more homage than piss-take”
– Elly Varrenti, The Australian

“Mel Campbell and Anthony Morris have crafted a fun, frothy romantic comedy that skewers the genre, even as it embraces it. … The Hot Guy is an ideal pick for someone who likes their romance with a healthy dollop of snark, or alternately, their snark with a dash of sweetness.”
– Bronte Coates, Readings

“a smart, self-aware and seriously funny spin on romantic comedies.”
– Myke Bartlett, The Weekly Review

“With all the elements of your favourite romcom films dashed with that literary extra-something you love, The Hot Guy will make you laugh, but at the end, it’ll make you smile too. Because all anyone wants – even Cate and Adam – is a genuine connection.”
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