Our Nice Launch Party

On Thursday 11 May, we officially launched The Hot Guy – at a cinema bar, of course! The venue was the Overlook Bar, next door to Melbourne’s iconic art deco cinema, the Astor Theatre.

The book was officially launched by Adolfo Aranjuez, editor of film and media culture magazine Metro. You can see Anthony looking worried at the imminent prospect of having to speak in public, which he finds very stressful, and Mel cold chilling at the bar enjoying Adolfo’s anecdotes about his own personal Mr Darcy, whom he was picturing as Adam when he read the book.

Adolfo also told us the Tagalog for “panty-dropper” – a guy who’s so hot your underpants spontaneously fall off.

Image credit: Sarah Jansen

The bar was pretty jam-packed! We are not visible in this pic but are somewhere up towards the top right corner. That’s Mel’s dad in the foreground wearing a beret. I don’t think anyone up the back could hear anything but it was very nice of them to come. Thanks everyone!

Image credit: Lee Zachariah

The book was available to buy, thanks to the debonair Gerard Elson from Readings St Kilda. We adjourned to a table to sign copies, where our fellow Echo author Lee Zachariah has captured us. It’s unfortunate the picture is blurry as it’s one of the few taken on the night in which we look serious and capable. Although Anthony has a kind of “U WOT M8?” look on his face.

Image credit: Angela Meyer

Here we are with Angela Meyer, our commissioning editor at Echo Publishing. Angela instantly got what we were doing with The Hot Guy and has always been super excited and supportive of us. The entire team at Echo and Bonnier has been wonderful. We gave a vague, rambling speech on the night, but we would really like to thank the key people who helped make this book happen: our agent, Alex Adsett; our copyeditor Nicola Williams; Echo marketing gurus Kirstin Corcoran and Sabita Naheswaran; our delightful publicist Terri King from Pitch Projects; and Alissa Dinallo, whose cover design we have happily been accepting compliments about.

Image credit: Harry Saddler

Our friend and fellow writer Harry Saddler asked if we could draw the main characters in his copy of the book. Mel clearly had such confidence in her pic of Adam that she had to identify him with an additional caption.

Image credit: Natasha Ludowyk

Someone observed to us that your book launch is like your wedding: everyone is there to celebrate you, there are speeches and drinks and people spend money on you, but your attention is so divided that you can’t possibly spend very much time with anyone in particular. And then there’s kissing. This is the best photo of us taken on the night, in which Mel’s friend Tash encouraged her to pretend to make out with the book.

Anthony had to head back to Geelong to do work (he chose poorly!); however a hard core of launch guests passed the three trials of faith to join us at the official after-party venue, Holy Grail.

Image credit: Alison Evans

This is an action shot of Mel and fellow Echo author Alison Evans walking down Chapel Street to sup from the Holy Grail. Mel is clearly hungry; luckily one of the great things about this bar was that they let us bring pizza in from the place across the road. The bar also had excellent taste in music, and some guests started an impromptu dance floor at one point.

Proceedings concluded at about 12:30am. It was a very nice launch!

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