Are We Bad Feminists If We Lust After Hot Guys?

One of the reasons why we focused on the cartoonish, over-the-top effect Adam’s hotness has on women – and deliberately made women treat him as an object and chase him in a ridiculous way – is that we wanted to subvert the standard romance narrative that pairs an active seducer with a passive or even reluctant object of lust. Traditionally, a man’s role has been to actively seek sex and win women as prizes, while women are supposed to find pleasure in being looked at, chased and won.

A lot of recent pop culture has responded to the rise of feminism by gender-swapping that dynamic: straight women can now be more vocal about their sexual appetites, and famous men face more pressure to sculpt and display beautiful bodies.

But we wrote The Hot Guy from the perspective that objectification is wrong, whoever’s doing it. It diminishes both the person who’s being reduced to an object and the people doing the objectifying. So we wrote this opinion piece at Whimn, asking if it’s really that feminist to lust after hot guys.

Click through to read the article.


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