We Joked About It, But Someone Has Actually Made A Poo App

There’s a scene in The Hot Guy in which our heroine Cate is angsting over her career, and her friends Kirsty and Vanessa offer lots of not-very-helpful advice.

“I need a fresh start,” Cate said, fidgeting with the kite in her hands.
“Well, what sort of job do you want?” said Vanessa.
“Maybe,” said Kirsty, “you could have your own internet startup!”
“What would I be starting up?” said Cate.
“It doesn’t even matter!” Kirsty said, tugging on her left set of strings to bring her kite around in an arc. “That’s the beauty of internet startups. Just start a website of some sort. An app… or a bot… maybe a crap butt… crap-bot app… butt? I know! It could be called Crappr! And it could tell you when you have to go to the toilet.”
“I think my body already does that,” said Cate.
“It’s a standard feature among humans,” said Vanessa.
“My body tells me when I’m hungry, but there are still heaps of apps about restaurants,” Kirsty said defensively.
“Maybe it’s a social network where people share their poos,” said Vanessa. “Some people love talking about that shit.”
“Um, how did we get here?” Cate said. “I’m not working on a butt app.”

Perhaps Kirsty was onto something after all, because today we learned about D Free, a Japanese wearable tech device that uses ultrasound to monitor bowel movements, and sends you a text message warning that you’re about to shit your pants.

We are shaking our heads that a stupid joke from our novel is actually a real thing. Read More