The Real-Life Hot Guy

We go to a lot of media screenings at Cinema Nova in Carlton, and once I (Mel) was incredibly excited to see that one of the ushers there was hot! It was just like our novel, in which the Hot Guy works part-time at a cinema.

I told Anthony, “It’s like we have conjured the Hot Guy into real life with our imaginations!” and he just looked at me pityingly.

Well, the Nova staffer I was talking about was probably Benjamin Rigby, who, The Age reported today, has just been cast in Ridley Scott’s forthcoming film Alien: Covenant, which starts shooting at Fox Studios in Sydney next month:

Rigby, 27, was behind the counter at the Nova box office when he got a call from his agent. “I thought, oh no, they’re going to run this ad I did years ago again, and I hate it,” he says.

Hopefully, Rigby’s agent is better than Clive, Adam’s agent in The Hot Guy, who only ever calls to offer Adam onscreen roles in humiliating TV commercials and adult films.

During the shoot, he says, he is planning to return to the Nova for occasional shifts, something that will help to give a sense of normality at an intense time. “They’re such a good crew. I’ve been there for six years, they’re like my second family.”

Hopefully, Rigby’s co-workers are a better family than Renton and Steve Rogers, Adam’s co-workers at the Rafferty Cinema, who mainly want to “hit the clubs” with their hot colleague in order to pick up the women drawn to Adam’s flame.

We wish Ben all the best in his career and can’t wait to see him in on the big screen in the coming months in Lion and Alien: Covenant.


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