Movie Talk: Romcom Clichés We Hate

Today we came across an article about how ludicrously unaffordable Dakota Johnson’s studio apartment from How to Be Single would be, which answers Mel’s question from last week about which part of New York it is. Turns out it’s in Williamsburg.

This made us dedicate our next Movie Talk to romcom clichés we hate, beginning with implausibly affordable romcom homes.

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Movie Talk: ‘How to Be Single’

In our day jobs as film critics we like to keep a sharp eye on romantic comedy. How to Be Single was released in cinemas yesterday. It’s directed by Christian Ditter (who helmed Anthony’s guilty fave, Love, Rosie), and stars Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann, Rebel Wilson and Alison Brie.

Mel reviewed the film at Junkee, and will be discussing it on The Rereaders, the podcast she co-hosts. But we’ve also decided to devote the first of our Movie Talk chats to it. Here’s our conversation. If you care about having the ending of this film spoiled, beware, because we spoil it big-time.

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