First Draft: Finished!

Big news this month: we have finally finished our first draft of The Hot Guy and will be sending it out to our beta readers ASAP! We were so excited we just had to take a photo of that climactic final moment:

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The Consumption Saga

We’ve had so much fun inventing fictitious pop-cultural artefacts for this book. One of our favourites is The Consumption Saga, a quadrilogy of paranormal fantasy romance novels by Chastity Horniblo, which is the favourite book series of Cate’s friend Vanessa. Like many of our Hot Guy jokes – and indeed the idea for the entire book – it began after a film screening.

In this case, we were laughing about the way a certain character in the film we’d just seen was ‘dying of consumption’, yet she didn’t actually seem to have tuberculosis. She was just pale and sickly, fading away in a weak, picturesque manner. It was as if the screenwriters didn’t know what consumption involved. So basically, the joke of The Consumption Saga is that its author has woven old-timey diseases into her story just because they sounded cool and romantic. (Much as another author riffed on the vampire mythos while totally discarding almost all its well-established tropes.)

Today I found the notes I made about The Consumption Saga that day over lunch. I remember laughing so much during this lunch. I was seriously tempted to abandon The Hot Guy and write these books instead, but Anthony ultimately convinced me that paranormal fantasy is an oversaturated market.

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