Help! My Cat Has Become A Mysterious Stud

We have been working on The Hot Guy since last year, but rather than switching writing duties alternately as we did then, we’ve recently switched to a more collaborative ‘writer’s room’ method in which we actually sit together and workshop as we write, saying the dialogue aloud and destroying ourselves laughing at each other’s jokes.

As we’re both film critics, the book lampoons pretty much every aspect of the film world: from comic-book nerdboys to arthouse snobs; from hyperbolic blockbusters and young adult franchise adaptations to cringey 1980s Australian historical melodramas.

Anyway, yesterday we were writing a scene in which our heroine, Cate, discovers her friend is reading a torrid fantasy novel in a series called The Fur Chronicles, which is set in the ‘Kingdom of the Cats’ and has evolved – as certain franchises do – from a series of horrible, cat-themed, self-published erotic ebooks.

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